The History of Legends

The world of art, especially in painting, will know well about three of the greatest and best artist that become the legend in America. Their paintings are very valuable painting that the world of art ever had. But not much know about the history of these three legends except maybe they are the fans of these legends. So that, let’s talks about it more here.

Winslow Homer was born in 19th century exactly in 1836. He was a great artist since he was still very young so that it’s fair that he known as one of the best painters in America for his period. He starts his job as an artist in Boston. After that, he had a chance to work in Virginia at one of the big magazines at that time. He does the illustration for these magazines and earns most of his money to live from here.

The 19th century also had the other American great artist who born in 1887. She is Georgia O’Keeffe. Her paintings have been well known in America and become masterpiece. She has her own characteristic of her painting that she can easily get from her environment around her studio where she works with arts. She keeps her idea to draw the specific object and make it her characteristic of her painting. The biography of her, you can read more in

Besides those two legends, the 19th century also had Edward Hopper who born in New York, 1882. Told, Edward was born in a family that can be said rich for that period, so that, Edward can do his school in School of Arts for six years. After he finished his school of arts, he got job to make illustration. But not long after his job, he decided to take trip to Europe that can be changed her style of art and give him idea to make his own characteristic of painting.