Let’s Kick out Tom Wheeler

With President Obama’s calls for the FCC to finally push forward and act within the public’ interest by organizing the Internet under “Title II” which would label classify it as a utility, much like today’s modern utilities. In short this would help protect it from being exploited by current and future Internet Service Providers via forcing consumers and content providers from paying ‘tolls’ or access to ‘fast lanes’. I’m hopeful that Verizon Fiber Internet doesn’t suffer much like AT&T’s recent statement will cause their own to suffer. According to a statement made by AT&T, they will refuse to ‘continue investing in Fiber infrastructure until Net Neutrality is settled.’, despite that money they received to invest came from the federal government which in turn was gained through citizen taxes.

The sheer arrogance of AT&T and current ISPs is infuriating and mind boggling. It is their fault, and their fault alone, that the United States is far behind much of the world in terms of quality of service as well as the general technology of that service. They are doing no service to the American people, nor the corporations of America, by exploiting their control and power over the Internet by forcing it to remain in this poor state.

With the President’s pressure being placed on that obvious cable shill of an FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, I’m hopeful that he is forced to give in to public demand and or expose his obvious allegiances to the cable companies which will force the President to oust him. This is one of the rare times that I will wholly support the president’s powers in ousting an appointed chairman of any advisory board. It can be a dangerous gamble but with Tom Wheeler’s interests and the crucial decisions that he’s making being swayed by nothing but his greed for money a clear sign of corruption, he obviously needs to go. Now.