Benefits of Unsecured Business Loans

Secured business loans, used as a source of business capital, are disadvantageous not only because they can lead to repossession of asset if repayments are not made. Secured business loans come with many restrictions imposed by the loan provider. The loan provider, for instance, will insist on a particular debt-equity ratio in order to safeguard the amount lent. This limits the entrepreneur’s control over major decisions on business.

An unsecured business loan, on the other hand, presents no such restrictions. The enterprise has to pledge no asset for repossession in case of non-payment. The assets are thus free of any charge, and can be disposed off as one desires.

The prime customer group employing Unsecured business loans constitutes of entrepreneurs who prefer not to attach the business assets to any obligation. Businesspersons, who have undergone bad credit history, also make use of this category of loans. Such businesspersons and enterprises are known as problem cases. Failure to pay certain debts in the past leads to county court judgements, and bankruptcy, which in turn leads to bad credit history. Such businesspersons are disadvantaged in secured loan deals. Unsecured business loans however, present immense financial opportunities before borrowers; particularly where the loan amount desired is small.

The amount received through unsecured business loans will be used for business commencement or expansion purposes, assets and equipment purchase and refinance, and to restructure finances. Some businesses use the loan proceeds as a working capital. Still others would use the unsecured business loan to finance a particular consignment. The repayment of this type of loan will be due immediately after the entrepreneur gets payment from the consignee, or any date decided.

As part of an agreement between loan provider and the businessperson, cash will be transferred for use by the business. The terms and conditions of the unsecured business loan will have to be drawn through consultations between the borrower and the loan provider.

APR is an important issue and needs to be discussed in detail. Being unsecured, the unsecured business loan is more expensive. The interest rate charged will be on the higher side. Risk is a matter of perception. Different lenders may look into a particular case differently. APR would be decided on the basis lender perceive risk involved in a particular loan request.

The principal issues you need to watch out for during the decision making process have been illustrated below:

• Fees:
This is the amount charged by loan providers as a compensation for the service rendered. This is referred to as points. Points, in some cases, are deemed to be investments. The borrower agrees to pay increased points in exchange of a better rate of interest. However, a comparison with the fees charged by other competitive lenders is a must. Fees constitute a major part of the cost. Hence, fees will be an important selection criteria.

• Prepayment:
Most lenders will not agree to a prepayment for the first 3-5 years. After the conclusion of the period, the entrepreneur can seek premature settlement of the loan account. This will enable borrowers to get rid of the loan without incurring any redemption penalty.

• Grace period:
This is the period for which loan providers will allow borrowers to extend monthly repayments. For instance, if the monthly repayment is due on the first of every month, late payments up to the fifteenth of the same month will not be deemed late. Entrepreneurs must negotiate a better grace period from the loan provider.

• Late charges:
Late charges constitute the penalty for delayed payments. These are open to negotiation.

• Solicitors’ fees:
Borrowers can demand reasonable solicitors’ fees. Solicitors’ fee implies that the borrower is required to refund the lender’s fees and costs that were incurred on enforcing or recovering loan. This will become due when the borrower does not repay unsecured business loan in full.

Unsecured business loans help garner the much needed resources for business growth. The organizations where the need for finance is urgent will find unsecured business loans the best available option.

Best Car Loan Rate – How to Get the Most From Your Credit Score

Your credit score is the most important factor to getting the best car loan rate. Many shoppers make the mistake of going to the car dealership and applying for a loan before checking their credit report and score. By checking your credit score ahead of time, you will know where you stand before seeking a lender. If you have an excellent credit score, you should expect the best car loan rate possible. Do not expect the lender to tell you that you could save money by applying for a loan elsewhere. Make sure you do your homework before applying for the loan. The little time that it takes to receive your credit report from the three major agencies could end up saving you a lot of money.

Understanding Your Credit Score

Your FICO credit score is more than just a number. Understanding how your credit score is determined can help you to maintain or improve your credit rating. Most credit scores will range in number from 300-850 points. The higher your number, the better your credit rating. Your credit score will be determined by five different categories. Some items will have a greater affect on your credit score than others.

1) How timely you pay your bills carries the greatest amount of weight on your credit rating. While it is a good idea to always pay your bills on time, lenders will look more at your recent payment history.

2) Amount of debt- lenders will look at your total debt and the outstanding debt on your credit cards. It is a good idea to keep credit card balances well below the maximum amount allowed.

3) Length of your credit history- how long have you had open credit accounts? Do you use credit on a regular basis.

4) How many credit accounts do you have open? What types of credit accounts do you have?

5) Recent credit inquiries and newly opened accounts – lenders will look unfavorably upon your credit record if you have had numerous recent credit inquiries or if you have opened several new credit accounts in a short period of time.

Better Deals on a Bad Credit Secured Loan

A bad credit situation is like a blot on a borrower’s credit report. The late payments or unwilling defaults were circumstantial, but now they are strafing your reputation as a borrower. Every time you visit a lender for some help, bad credit remarks raise their ugly head and you return empty handed. However, all is not lost for people with bad credit or ccj’s against them.

The lending market is fiercely competitive. In spite of having bad credit or a few ccj’s, you can still hope to find a bad credit secured loan, if you have something to offer as collateral. The key to getting such a loan is persistence. Don’t get disheartened if some lenders refuse you politely, offer lame excuses or worse show you the door. Since, it is you who is in need of the money, the efforts should be greater at your end. Shop around, meet every lender who suits your purpose, try harder and it won’t be long when you find the one who is willing. Things won’t be too tough as a collateral is being offered.

Bad credit secured loans takes your home or any other property that you own as the collateral. In simple terms, it means that your property is pledged to the lender. He will give you the secured loan but will own the house or property until the loan is paid. Once you pay the installments completely you are again the legitimate owner of the property. If under any circumstances you default on payments, the lender can repossess your property. He is fully authorised by the credit agreement to sell the property and recover his amount.

There are some lenders who deal only with those persons who have a bad credit score. Lending to bad credit people is a lucrative business. Indeed, it is risky for the lenders since they are dealing with people who are already proclaimed defaulters but this gives them the opportunity to charge higher interest rates on their loans. Don’t expect a fair deal from every lender who specialises in bad credit secured loan. You must have heard the term “Loan Sharks”. Yes, they are real and swarm the lending market. Often, garbed as ‘most helpful lender’ and armed with the ‘most promising offers’ they wait for their prey – the people with poor credit scores. These scandalous lenders offer loans, which are glossy and attractive but have outrageously exploitative terms buried in fine print. So, if you are dealing with a lender who exclusively deals in bad credit loans, please be very careful and do so only after getting convincing references about the lender.

The process of applying for a bad credit secured loan is similar to other types of loan. Although, the loan is secured by your house or property, it doesn’t overlook the fact that you have a bad credit. Your credit report is the first thing any lender will go through. Expect a thorough credit check. Be ready with the details of your employment history, the income slips and details of your outstanding debts. The sooner you provide all the details, the faster will be the loan approval.

By taking a bad credit secured loan you have a chance to improve our credit situation. Don’t shy away from the truth, recognize the fact that you are solely responsible for your condition- whether it is for the better or for worse. It is true that some things are unavoidable; it is true that one cannot change the circumstances, but in any given situation you can take charge and adopt financial discipline. It will definitely improve your credit ratings and remove the blot of bad credit from your dossier.